My writing topics are rooted in a neighborhood where I and many neighbors live - more or less happily. But world problems are neighborhood problems, and we do not live in isolation.

I had written for the Bay View Compass for over one year, where I appeared monthly. (Thanks for the kind words about this effort.)

Writing in public means listening to the public. I invite you to visit http://www.milwaukeerenaissance.com where public writers are creating an agora for Milwaukee.

Bill’s Bio

Bill Sell moved to Bay View in 1984. He now lives near Bay View High School and every morning sees a parade of young people walk past his home to school. Among them are the young who are not happy to be anywhere near school.

Teens experiment and make mistakes, swagger, and smoke. They need to experiment and sometimes risk their lives doing so. I find no fault in this normal behavior. I am more upset with adults who risk the lives of children with optional wars, pollution, and neglect of our communities. I am happiest talking with young people; some reassure me that I am leaving the world a better place. I am not convinced; we adults can do better.

Bill is obsessed about war and the Bomb. He does not understand why people like to hate. Nor that great mystery of human nature, no matter what you have accumulated it is not enough. My wealthiest friends seem the least happy.

Short Bio (“stuff”)

…a life-long Milwaukee resident. Founder and principal of a 33 year old downtown Milwaukee business serving editors and authors nationwide. Founding Member Bay View Neighborhood Association. Founder of Transit Matters. Steering Committee Coalition for Advancing Transit. Member Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. Shepherd Express Community Activist of the Year, 2007. Member, Public Policy Forum. Associate Member, Investigative Reporters and Editors.

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