Coalition For More Responsible Transportation

Media covers our fight to stop Expansion of I-94.

WisDOT payments defray road costs

What are the implications of this report? Do the sums reported indicate that local roads are a priority?

The Milton Courier, Jan 27, 2016

With I-94 Decision Pending, State & Local Leaders Oppose Wasteful Expansion, Call for Smarter Local Investments

Coalition Points to Ongoing Transportation Funding Crisis, Public Opposition; Demands More Cost-Effective Alternatives, Dec 9.

While we wait for the LRB Audit of WisDOT’s planning process…

Counties to show off worst roads in grassroots campaign for funding

About the Tribune’s video: Cracks riddle Hwy. YY in rural La Crosse County. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates 70 percent of the state’s roads are in mediocre to poor condition. Only Illinois and Connecticut rank lower.

“Frustrated by the Wisconsin legislature’s unwillingness to provide adequate transportation funding, local governments are preparing to take their case to the public by highlighting some of their worst crumbling roads and bridges.” Just Fix It

LaCrosse Tribune:, Sep 22, 2015

Wisconsin Lagging. How does AIR fit into the picture?

Tom Rave:, July 25

“Over the last several decades, the economic vitality and growth of Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin have fared poorly compared to other metropolitan regions in the country, with rankings in comparative studies generally placing our region in the lower third of performance………….”

Federal Court sets back WisDOT plans to expand highways. Audit is coming.

From the ENews of Park Forest, Illinois

See, July 9


Joint Finance Committee audit takes I-94 out of JFC budget

Transportation Budget Brings Much-Needed Scrutiny to Questionable Highway Projects, July 2

JFC orders audit of traffic projections:

Peggy Schulz, member of CMRT writes

Wisconsin needs a responsible transportation plan

Peggy Schulz:, June 22

From a conservative voice, an opening to our mission

The Cost of Transportation

(also check out the comments, quite civil, and an opening into the minds of potential allies), June 22

Happiest Press Conference Yet, as majority party struggles with budget

Coalition Calls on State To Scrap I-94 Expansion

As local roads are increasingly underfunded and plagued with potholes, state overspends on unneeded highways and freeway expansion, a coalition of groups argue.


Fox 6:

Telemundo (a great story!):

Urban Milwaukee reports:, June 16

Lawmakers consider wasting less money building roads

New highways and expanded highways getting scrutiny from conservatives

Wausau Daily Herald:, June 10

Decision time in the Joint Finance Committee

Plain Talk: Cut highway expansions to solve transportation budget stalemate

Dave Zweifel:, June 5

Big Win for Responsible Transportation

Highway 23 widening between Fond Du Lac and Sheboygan halted by federal court., May 26

Fond du Lac Reporter:, May 23

James Rowen report:, May 23

Backdrop, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin:

A sales tax for potholes?

GOP would increase sales taxes to fix potholes after borrowing $1.3 billion for Walker’s mega highway projects

Wisconsin Gazette:, May 12

Report/Essay in MJS

To cut road borrowing, lawmakers may have to cut projects

Patrick Marley and Mary Spicuzza of the Journal Sentinel:, May 8

Freeway Jobs? Even Local Jobs? Where are they?

Bad Planning and Bad Transit Put Jobs Out of Reach for Milwaukeeans

Streetsblog:, April 16

Milwaukee Press Club I94 panel

WisDOT secretary Gottlieb encourages discussion on dedicated funding for local transit

Sean Ryan:, April 13

Statewide - for your reading pleasure

Report: State’s local roads crumbling

The Country Today:, March 30

Rural voters must be OK with crumbling roads, decaying school

Column in Cap Time:, April 5

Citizens groups push state lawmakers to give Northwoods larger share of transportation money

Rhinelander Channel 12 TV:, March 29

Related reports

Suburbs such as Montgomery County rethink transit to court millennials, March 29

Former Waukesha Freeman editor says Walker betrays conservatives

Pete Kennedy:, March 25

Wisconsin Republicans abandoning Scott Walker

Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative:, March 29

Transportation advocates offer differing perspectives on urban transit issues

Matthew Wisla:, March 30

Out-State and State Media recently

State should budget more for local roads

Editorial, Kenosha News:, March 24

Funding impacts Ashland, Bayfield county roads

Ashland Daily Press:, March 25

State Roads in Crisis Says Advocacy Group

Ashland Daily Press:, March 25

Northwest has worst roads in state

The Chronotype, Rice Lake:, March 25

Groups Oppose GOP Budget

WHBY, Fox Cities:, March 25

Northwest Roads Worst in State

Superior Telegram:, March 26

Local officials weigh in on transportation issues

Superior Telegram:, March 27

Northwest Roads Worst in State

WPR:, March 27

State Local Roads Crumbling

The Country Today (rural):, March 30

Helpful Streetsblog on I94 traffic counts

And the always-great StreetsBlog:, March 30

1000K Friends of Wisconsin, our allies, get press

Front page of the Ashland paper:

Sierra Club

Press Release here:

op-ed from Kenosha:

Rep Steineke (majority leader) op-ed:

Sierra Club Press Release

“New Study Finds Local Roads Crisis in Wisconsin: As State Budget Hearings Wrap Up, Groups Call on Legislators to Prioritize Fix to Local Transportation Crisis”

Local Roads:

StatePress Release here:

Update:DOT secretary defends road bonding in governor’s budget

LaCrosse Tribune:, March 4

Improving Bus System - Editorial

‘Improving bus service can help roads, economy and commuters’, MJS

Editorial:, March 7

How DOTs brush off Discriminatory Impact of Highway Projects


Public Comments on DEIS - Report from BizJournal

“If sheer numbers of written comments are any indication, the most prevalent sentiment is that the state should not expand the freeway at all in that area.”, Feb 23

At the WisDOT announcement. Public excluded.

State rejects double-deck lanes for I-94 east-west freeway; the public is refused entry to the room where Secretary Matthew Gottlieb made the announcement to spend about a billion dollars on widening I-94 in Milwaukee.

Streetsblog USA:

Wisconsin Public Radio:

WPR on 1000 Friends’ safety analysis:


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


CBS 58:

WISN story questioning safety:

Fox News Milwaukee:

Above, Fox News references a December report on the Coalition - Feb. 20:

(the “$2 billion” seems to be an error here)

Op-Ed by Marc Stout

Mark Stout, PhD, is an independent transportation consultant and is principal of Mark L. Stout Consulting. Stout previously served more than 25 years with the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Read:, Dec 16

LTEs, MJS, Cap Times

Peter Skopec: Just say no to I-94 expansion

Intrepid community leader Juan Carlos, Think of other options for I-94 Also, Curtiss S. Peck, supportive and pushing for DOT to recognize the “paradigm shift.”
Read:, Dec 13

Resource, traffic counting, the measure of quality urban life

…is not lack of congestion - which is only a measure of traffic.

Talking Headways: Level of Disservice

Tanya Snyder:

Angie Schmitt, Whoops! How Planners and Engineers Badly Overestimate Car Traffic
StreetsBlog:, Dec 12


Plain Talk: There’s a better way than double-decking I-94
David Zweifel:, Dec 12

Zweifel’s At Grade includes widening, which CMRT is opposed to.

The Political Environment joins up

James Rowen, a writer and consultant, has worked for newspapers, and as the senior Mayoral staffer, in Madison and Milwaukee, WI. Currently writes for MJS “Purple Wisconsin”, Dec 11

LTE, Eau Claire Leader Telegram

Bill Sell:, Dec 10

UWM Resources

Marc Levine, Joel Rast - Center for Economic Development

WTMJ interviews Bruce Speight, Dec 5


Robert J. Schneider, PhD, is an assistant professor in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Urban Planning, specializing in transportation planning., Dec 3

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial

“Wisconsin DOT should reject double-deck option for I-94″, Dec 4

Paul Trotter’s LTE

Say no to I-94 expansion (third letter in the bunch), Dec 6

Waukesha Freeman report

Madison consumer group offers alternative for I-94 corridor construction plan

WUWM report

Public Can Weigh In on Future of I-94 East-West Corridor

LA Times on bigger freeways, more headaches:

Food for your LTEs:

Streetsblog gives us a hand is a national blog, Dec 3

WPR’s Chuck Quirmbach …

who interviewed Jeanne Hewitt and Steve Hiniker after other media left the scene
“Plan To Reconstruct Section Of Interstate In Milwaukee Is Met With Some Resistance | Wisconsin Public Radio”, Dec 4


Dec 3 public hearing at Tommy Thompson Center

LaCrosse Tribune, editorial

Compromise only path to better roads, Nov 30

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, editorial

Transportation plan needs proper balance, Dec 2

I-94 east-west expansion opponents offer options, Dec 3

Mayor Barrett speaks at WisDOT Public Hearing, Dec 4

The Rehab-Transit Option: A Better Solution for Milwaukee’s East-West Corridor

Community Columnist Strikes Back

Transportation rebels fight DOT road-building empire

Peggy Schulz has the Force with her on this excellent column, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Peggy:, MJS, Dec 1

Media Comment on the Draft Environmental Statement on I-94

WIRPIRG, appearing in

Bruce Speight challenges Mark Gottlieb

Cardin interviews the polar opposites on highways


DOT budget, news, editorials

DOT plan would study toll roads, fees based on miles driven

MJS, Nov 18:

Sierra Club opposes Wisconsin transportation budget request

Wisconsin Gazette, Nov 18:

Transportation proposal for Wisconsin needs thorough vetting

MJS Editorial, Nov 17:


Heather Hansen writes in support of CMRT goals.

Media. Channel 4, Milwaukee. Business Journal

Bruce interviewed, talking transportation options as a way to reduce ‘brain drain’ in Wisconsin. He also said (on point, I would add) “A double decker highway isn’t going to bring young talent to Milwaukee, more bike and transit options will!”

Brain drain: Many grads earn degrees and leave Wisconsin, TMJ4. Nov 11, Voices of the young:

Stadium Interchange, I-94 rebuild to cost $825 million to $1.2 billion, Milwaukee Business Journal, Nov 14:


Mayor Soglin [Madison] Seeks Multi-Modal Transportation Options for I39/90

Soglin:, Nov 10

CMRT Media


Urban Milwaukee:

Daily Reporter: coverage of CMRT State Capitol press event,
Oct 22: GOP Press Event, pdf

Eau Claire Leader Telegram Editorial, Mon, Oct 20, 2014:

More LTEs, Journal Sentinel

Nick DeMarsh, I-94 expansion: Few pros, many cons, Oct 31:

Dennis Sell, Bigger freeways not needed, Oct 22:

Gretchen Schuldt, DOT Getting it Wrong, Oct 15:

Hans Noeldner, Transportation Spending All Wrong, Oct 10:

Transportation Fund, Revenue and Expenses

Implications for the proposed Constitutional Amendment

Presented by Ken Yunker of SEWRPC to Milwaukee County Board Committee on Transportation Public Works and Transit

Complete presentation at Amendment

Oct 21, Four Cities participate in CMRT press conference, Madison


Oct 21 to Madison. We were fired up and had a great event with a solid media turnout – 3 TV, 1 radio and Wisconsin Eye (state C-Span).

CMRT Press Release:

WISN Milwaukee:

WKOW ABC TV Madison:

Wisconsin Eye:


Hans Noeldner, Sierra Club Clean Transportation Committee:

Craig Thompson of the Road Builders

For a Yes ;-( vote on the Transportation referendum.

Need: Respond to this piece. Suggestion: focus on our mission (waste) rather than on the Amendment itself.

An opportunity to deliver our message:

Madison Cap Times

Strong support for CMRT message

Plain Talk: Let’s fix roads instead of building more


More Media from Oct. 14 Town Hall

WTMJ 4 Milwaukee:

Milwaukee Public Radio:

Wisconsin State Journal, Oct 18

Gov. Scott Walker floats replacing gas tax to fix transportation shortfall


Read more:

Wausau Daily Herald, Oct. 18

“The Constitutional Amendment is OK, but real issues go much deeper. Transportation amendment is no long-term fix: Our View”

“ The state now devotes about 20 percent of the money raised by transportation fees and taxes to servicing debt incurred as a result of decisions made in the 2000s. The use of transportation fund revenue might have served the state’s short-term needs, but it put us in a worse fiscal position today.”

Is Wisconsin building roads for traffic that won’t ever be there? October 14, 2014

Robert Mentzer:

“We’re spending way too much building roads”

Public Hearing, Gottlieb invited, ignores. People speak, Oct. 14

More recent media

Here is the WTMJ story with Charles Benson, which focused more on Walker’s gas tax/sales tax proposal, but we did get a comment in J:

WTMJ 4 sounds as if WISDOT is saying that they are in the study phase and no decisions have been made … all this is a long way off. When we met with WISDOT last week, they told us that they had narrowed the options to 2….

WTMJ 4 Milwaukee:

CBS 58 Milwaukee:

cbs58:—279223992.html >>>>You may have to copy and paste this link. Or look for it on

cbs58 TEXT at:




Boomers, millennials agree: State needs more transportation options, by Jabril Faraj And Nino Amato. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Oct 4, 2014, and again, The Cap Times, Nov 8, 2014, Nov 8, Oct 4


Janesville Gazette, Sunday, Oct 5, 2014:

Highway Boondoggles (Sept 18)

Fox 6 News:

Fond du Lac Reporter:


WISN Channel 12:

WTMJ Milwaukee:

WISPIRG Foundation Fork in the Road Report Coverage (Sept 9 – Madison and Milwaukee, Sept 11 – Green Bay, Sept 25 – Eau Claire)

CBS TV Milwaukee coverage of press conference:

Fox news TV Milwaukee coverage of press conference:

Wisconsin State Journal and the Capital Times:

Wisconsin Radio Network:

ABC-TV (WKOW Madison):


The Daily Report:

Green Bay Press Gazette:

WHBY Appleton:

Milwaukee Post:


Appleton Post Crescent:




Eau Claire Leader-Telegram story:

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram photo gallery:

1000 Friends of Wisconsin and WisDOT Number Failures (Oct 1)

1000 Friends report picked up some great coverage Wed, including a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article! Who can respond with LTEs??

Here is the coverage:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Wisconsin Gazette:

Fox 47 News:


WI Public Radio:


Four links to WISPIRG news conference in Eau Claire



Eau Claire Leader-Telegram news story:

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram photo gallery:

Wisconsin Commission on Transportation Finance and Policy

At the direction of Governor Walker, Matt Gottlieb led a commission to go round the state and pick up on what people are saying about transportation and how to finance transportation. This is their report - Spring 2013


Mike Gousha interviews

Craig Thompson of Wisconsin Transportation Development Association


Bruce Speight, WISPIRG, September 28, 2014



Bruce Speight: WSJ - September 20, 2014 -

Peter Skopec: WSJ – September 22, 2014 -

Hans Noeldner: Wausau Daily Herald – Oct 4, 2014 -

Terry Wiggins:

“… The next governor, whichever candidate wins, must make responsible decisions that meet the transportation demands that are actually increasing, that grow our economy and that stop wasting our taxpayer money on billion-dollar highway expansions (dare we call it a “boondoggle”?)….”


Bill Sell:

Excellent Support from Dianne Dagelen of Sierra Club and CMRT.

Thoughtful. Easy to read cogent arguments. Take this one with you.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Supports Transportation as Campaign Issue


Voices from Racine Outspoken in support of Transit

Background: note from Al Stanek, Parking and Transit Systems Manager, City of Racine.

“You might find the attached commentary of interest. It appeared in Sunday’s Racine Journal Times and was written by our Common Council President.

“As background --- here in Racine we proposed cutting night service and/or Sunday service as of October 1 and scheduled the required public hearings. The response was strongly negative and the Common Council on a 14 to 1 vote agreed to contribute an additional 9+ percent local share contribution in 2015 and to rule out service cuts.

“The local paper actually asked readers to comment on options and got an overwhelming response to add additional funding. They provided excellent coverage on the issue including sending a reporter out on a night route to interview riders. The reporter also sought comment from local state Rep. Robin Voss and he responded that ‘local officials should stop coming to the state for a hand-out”. That precipitated this commentary.”


Background issue: Transit to Jobs:

Hi Dr. McManus, Rev. Brisco,
Here’s a nice article from Mass Transit magazine on last Friday’s press conference.
Thomas Winter
Director of Schedule & Planning
Milwaukee County Transit System

Video of Press Conference:

Background issue: Generations Divided

Business Journal article on SEWRPC survey results:

From Hans: No doubt some of you know about the upward mobility study that came out a year ago, but I don’t recall any mention of it in our Coalition for More Responsible Transportation discourse. Milwaukee ranks 49th out of the 50 biggest metro areas. The link to inadequate transit seems obvious…

Facilities Design Manual, WisDOT

Hunger Task Force Produced Videos

Proposed I-94 Construction videos produced by Hunger Task Force
17-Jun, Tuesday, WISN 12, 5:00 PM, , 61,131,

17-Jun, Tuesday, CBS 58, 10:00 PM, 29,503,

17-Jun, Tuesday, WISN 12, 10:00 PM, 44,543,

17-Jun, Tuesday, WTMJ 4, 10:00 PM, 10,514,

17-Jun, Tuesday, 620 WTMJ-AM, 5:30 AM, streaming,

13-Jun, Friday, CBS 58, 10:00 PM, 64,446,

15-Jun, Sunday, CBS 58, 10:00 PM, 23,769,

16-Jun, Monday, CBS 58, 4:30 AM, 4,235,

16-Jun, Monday, CBS 58, 6:30 AM, 14,914,

Week of June 16, 2014

WTAQ, June 19, Green Bay

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Against Double-Decker Idea for I-94

Hola all:

Here are the two clips of today’s (6/16/14) news about the press conference, congratulations!! —Juan Carlos

Hola all: This is the clip that was shown at channel 12 Mke. Today! (6/17/14) We have forced Scott Walker to come out and publicly speak on this. I believe we can use this material later in other communities —Juan Carlos!0kN1A

Community organizations take stand against I94
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 16:56:35 −0500 —Sandy

More media:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 18 2014

Scott Walker, Tom Barrett square off over I-94 traffic plan

Post press conference media:

WISN coverage:

WI Public Radio coverage:

WTMJ, June 17 2014 @10:12:30

at 10:12:30:

at 2:19:00

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