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Transportation Fund, Revenue and Expenses

Implications for the proposed Constitutional Amendment


Michael Neuman, Say ‘no’ to transportation referendum, Oct 31:

Presented by Ken Yunker of SEWRPC to Milwaukee County Board Committee on Transportation Public Works and Transit

About the proposed Constitutional Amendment to sequester Transportation funds (audio, 00:30 to 17:30):

Supporting documentation from Department of Transportation

State 2013–2015 Transportation Budget, WisDOT Budget Notes:

2013 Transportation Expenditures - Wisconsin Transportation Finance and Policy Commission report:

Supporting PowerPoint by the South Eastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

WI Transportation Funding Estimate Highway data from the above report, Transit operating data from WisDOT statewide CY 2012 projected funding distribution, capital data from our regionís transit operators.
Download powerpoint from SE Wis Transit Operators:

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